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 Patrick (Hound)

Injured Hound Saved By Rescuers - The Story of Patrick!

February 24, 2007 : 12:00 AM

Lost and Found Dog Rescue in New Castle, DE saves a scared, lost hound dog with a broken leg from King William, VA;

Story by Patricia Haddock, Best Friends Network

The urgent email flashed these words: "BEYOND EXX URGENT! Injured Hound at King William, Va Pound needs a rescue!!! DIES NOW / CALL NOW!!" For people who devote their time to saving homeless dogs from euthanasia at high-kill shelters, emails such as this are routine.
     The plea went on to say: "The injured hound at the King William Veterinary Clinic/Pound is in DESPERATE NEED OF A RESCUE. DIES TODAY! His x-rays have been done and paid for! The vet at this clinic cannot fix the leg, but says that the break is very treatable! And we HAVE A DONOR willing to help with the cost of repairing the break for whatever rescue will save him! He is a sweet dog, and even with the pain he is probably in, he is still an affectionate guy! .... CALL NOW. PLEASE CALL ... ASAP to save this guy!"
     Emails like these come across rescuers' screens very day. They come at all hours - and late into the night-- while homeless dogs in urgent need of rescue lie waiting at shelters and pounds across the country. And across the country, these dedicated people work valiantly long into the night trying to rescue as many as possible.

An Unseen Army
These rescuers are truly an unseen army, people from all stations in life, all kinds of backgrounds, all ages, living in different parts of the country---yet all working together to save a life. To carry on, they need help---for while some do the onling postings, by email and on the Best Friends Network--others help by sponsoring, transporting, and fostering. And in this way, animals from one part of the country often are saved and transported to a whole new life somewhere else.

Help to the Rescue for the Injured Hound

     Eventually the email pleas for the poor hound dog in King William, VA reached Marleen Oetzel, Adoption Coordinator for Lost and Found Dog Rescue in New Castle, Delaware. His picture reminded Marleen of Ellie Mae Clampett, the first Foxhound she rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. "She is the one that made me fall in love with the velvet ears of Foxhound!!," says Marleen.

    And so even though Lost and Found Dog Rescue already had three injured dogs that they are caring for now, they made the committment to take in the injured hound....His life was spared!
    And he was named Patrick, in honor of one of the rescuers. " It must have been your pleas via e-mail that made their way to me here in New Castle DE this morning," Marlene explained. And so, Patrick is on his way from King William, VA to Newark, Delaware----he is scheduled to arrive today!

     News that Patrick had been saved reached Deborah Tanzer, one of his online rescuers. She wrote: "I am SO thrilled by this news. I paid for his xrays & anesthesia, posted for him all over the place, couldn't sleep with worry over him, and prayed and prayed for a happy ending for him.
     Thank you all for helping him and rescuing him. Sounds like he is going to a wonderful place."

A New Life for Patrick
     Unlike lots of hounds, Patrick will have a wonderful new life. Many people have preconceived notions about hounds, and just don't realize how warm, loving and affectionate these dogs are. They love to run and follow their noses - so they have be walked on leash like every other dog. And they need exercise, like all dogs. But when they aren't in their "active" mode, hound dogs are actually very laid-back; in fact, they're terrific "couch-potatoes!"
     And because hounds are so misunderstood, and so often perceived as "just an outside dog ", many never get the second chance that Patrick got. At shelters across America, hounds - along with pit bull type dogs- are the least likely to be adopted.
     Patrick will get the medical treatment he needs; he will get the warmth and love he never had; and he will get a safe place to mend. Marleen describes her joy at seeing her first injured hound Ellie May run: "I got to see her run like a deer!" And with all the people rooting for Patrick, we can all believe the same will be true for him!

 Brodie (Before)Brodie (After)
              Before                                     After
Brodie came into the King William Pound, hit by a car. He was suffering with a broken leg. The IRHS Rescue Team was able to start the treatment needed for Brodie. Brodie also receive much needed help later thanks to the Pet Rescue Foundation. The Pet Rescue Foundation was able to get him further medical treatment and transportation assistance. He was later sent out of state to Ohio with his new family, where he is recovering from his injures.  

 I just wanted to write you regarding a dog I rescued from your shelter in February of this year.  He was about 1 and a half then, and as you described him ”œfull of himself,” hound mix.  I named him Sammy and he has been a GREAT dog.  He is so happy, playful, and has a great personality.  He and my boyfriend’s dog are best friends, they are both rescues.  He is now about 2 years old and in perfect health (after a overcoming a nasty case of whip worms he contracted at the dog park and cutting his paw on a hike).  He still has separation anxiety and needs to be kept in a cage when I am at work, but he leaps for joy when I come home.  I am so glad that he was found and taken to you and I was able to rescue him.  I call him my ”œsoul dog.”  Thank you for the work that you do!!!!  Sammy is living proof that you are saving animals lives and giving them a better situation!  Thank you!  Christine Bosman

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