4 Paws Cat and Kitten Adoption Application

Adopting a cat or kitten is a serious commitment. They may take several weeks to settle into a new environment. They cost money (food, litter, toys and routine vet care) and require lots of love and attention.

Our goal is to help you through the first stages and ensure that you and your new cat/kitten will settle into a lifelong, happy relationship. Letting us know a little more about you by filling out this adoption form will help a lot. 

Do you feel you know the financial expenses of adopting and are prepared for the food, litter and veterinary expenses? 

• You will need to have a veterinarian. If you do not, we can give you a list of area vets. He or she does not have to be from the list that we give you but you must have one for future required immunizations and/or other health concerns. 

• We may deliver your new feline friends to you to make sure that there are not concerns for you and your new cat/kitten that you had not considered. *We may request to call your veterinarian. 

• We also do one follow-up visit by phone, text or email to be sure that you and your new feline friend are doing fine and to help you with anything that you may have questions about. 

Please fill out the application below or download and send it to us.