All Things Cat

ClaireAll Things Cat is a committee of Indian Rivers Humane Society that takes care of our programs for our feline friends in Essex, King and Queen and King William counties.  We have some exciting programs listed below.

All Things Cats provides the following services:
-Spay/Neuter certificates for your companion cat
-Feral cat spay/neuter/rabies certificates. We can also help you with trapping.
-Adoption of kittens and cats.
-Other questions you may have about your pet cat.
Call us at 804-885-3109 X3

Feral Cat spay/neuter Program
We do not take surrendered animals but we are able to help those who are dedicated caretakers for feral cats get them spay/neutered.

Call 804 885-3109 option 3 to discuss what help we have available.

Companion spay/neuter Cat Program.
We know the cost of spay neuter is expensive and we really want every cat to have this essential procedure.  This program will send you a certificate to help out.  Call 804 885-3109 option 3 to leave a message. Someone will call you back, and if you qualify, a certificate will be sent.

Adoption Program
We do not take surrendered cats or kittens but we do have them available for loving homes.  Our feline charges are spayed/neutered and have had most or all (depending on age) of their vaccinations. You can view our available cats and kittens online or at the 4 Paws Thrift Shop, 702 Main Street, West Point, VA, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10-5 or Saturday from 10-3.

Fill out an online application or do one in person at the store.  Our goal is the right feline in the right home so we will enjoy chatting with you to be sure your new best furry friend and you will have a lifetime of mutual happiness.

Foster Program
Our goal is no cat or kitten waiting for adoption to be in a cage.  We want them in loving homes waiting for that perfect forever home.  WE NEED FOSTERS. WE NEED YOU.  We supply everything you need to foster, and we promise you do not have to keep them ( though you can if you want to).

We especially are in need of neo-natal kitten fosters.  These kittens are newborn to 7 weeks old.  They may be orphans, or they may be with their mother cat (friendly or feral).  The kittens start being weaned at about 3-4 weeks.  The kittens may be feeding and eliminating on their own, but they are in need of socialization, play and human love.

The newborns are the most labor intensive (and perhaps most rewarding) for 2-3 weeks.  They require feeding every 2-3 hours; stimulating elimination; keeping them extra warm; keeping them separate from other pets and humans; and keeping health and weight records, and seeking veterinarian care as needed.  Team work is encouraged for this level of care.

Under Virginia law, kittens cannot be kept overnight without providing food, heat, and monitoring, which municipal shelters are not in a position to provide.  If no foster is available to provide that care, the kittens will be euthanized at the end of the working day.  Kittens who are weaned, but too young to be immunized and placed with the general population can be kept at the shelter overnight if a separate space is available.  But fostering is encouraged as soon as possible.

See our foster application and fill one out today.

Think Like a Cat
Sometimes cats do things we don’t want them to but in reality they are just being cats.  If you are having behavior or social problems with your cat we can likely help you with some potential solutions. Leave us a message and someone will call or email you back. 804-885-3109 option 3