All Things Dog

CeeCeeAll Things Dog is a committee of Indian Rivers Humane Society that takes care of our programs for our canine friends in Essex, King and Queen and King William counties.

All Things Dog provide the following services:

-Spay/Neuter certificates for your companion dog
-Adoption for dogs
-Other questions you may have about your pet dog

Companion spay/neuter certificate program.
We know the cost of spay/neuter is expensive and we really want every dog to have this essential procedure.  It not only stops the proliferation of unwanted litters, but also has many health benefits. You can be considered for a certificate to use at certain vets, if you qualify.  Give us a call at 804-885-3109 X2.

Adoption Program.
We do not take surrendered dogs or puppies, but we do have them available for loving homes.  We only have dogs available when we have an available foster.  Available animals can be seen on

Foster Program.
Can you house and care for a dog while it waits for it’s forever home?  We make sure to match a foster with the type of foster dog that best suits them (age, size, etc).  The foster provides a safe environment, basic needs, and a loving home.  IRHS will pay for all medical and certain supplies. Ideally,  the foster can help with basic training, including house-training and crate-training.  It is also expected that the foster will participate in the adoption process by attending adoption events, sharing information on social media, and being available for meet-and-greet with potential adopters.

Call us at 804-885-3109 X2